“In 1995 I made my first trip to Antwerp, Belgium with the RJO and Schurhammer Manufacturing. They trained me how to pre-sell larger diamonds and with their marketing material, I
pre-sold 200K in diamonds.  This is a fantastic in-store promotion and one I continue to do on a yearly basis. The special pricing I receive from Schurhammer’s in Antwerp allows me to not only carry higher quality, larger carat weight diamonds but to sell them at a maximum profit margin!”

Jerry Miller
Wink’s Fine Jewelry,   Brookings, SD

"Traveling to Antwerp is so much more than just buying diamonds. It's an experience that you will have for the rest of your life. New friends and relationships are made, along with an immense amount of knowledge. With Schurhammer, Antwerp is not just a week trip for us, it is an every day event in our store. They provide outstanding knowledge on diamonds along with top notch marketing. Having Schurhammer on your team guarantees great success!"

Daniel Lee
Gilbert Jewelers, Webster City, IA

“Schurhammer has enhanced my diamond business through buying trips to Antwerp, Belgium. Simply put, their experience has helped me gain knowledge, confidence and new clients (and who doesn’t want that?). Throughout my 12 years of traveling to Antwerp, the entire Schurhammer team has “gone the extra mile” to accommodate my store and my clients needs! I encourage everyone to travel to Antwerp. You will be hooked!”

Kate Marks
Marks of Design,   Shelton, CT

“Schurhammer has been very beneficial in helping me grow my success on the Antwerp Diamond event.  Their marketing resources are professional, readily available and visually appealing.  I'm always impressed with how professional and prepared they are when I visit them in their diamond office in Antwerp.  They are always willing to try their hardest to have exactly the right diamonds to match my requests.”

Susan Harrison
Jewelry Emporium,   Fort Collins, CO

"Schurhammer has been a tremendous asset to our business by providing a unique service, experience and product. We are able to hand-select a diamond in Antwerp, have it graded, engraved and shipped with a customized report that arrives with the diamond (always within a short period of time!). Along with that report we have our own story as to how we selected that diamond in Antwerp, how that provides value and uniqueness and how that diamond is as unique and the individual wearing it. The staff at Schurhammer is incredibly friendly and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Schurhammer if you are looking for someone to work with in Antwerp!"

Kristopher Kessler
Stall & Kessler's Diamond Center,   Lafayette, IN

"Schurhammer is one of our favorite Antwerp diamond vendors.  Steve and his staff are always helpful in filling our Antwerp pre-orders and when we ask for a specific color, cut or clarity that is what he shows us so we don't waste time sorting through lesser qualities than we ask for.  Another benefit is Schurhammer's U.S. office where they can laser inscribe our Antwerp diamonds with our Store Logo.  The Antwerp trips are fun and profitable and our customers like that we hand pick diamonds for them and the year round support when we are home makes it a win win situation for us."

Ron & Ellen Sayers
Sayers Jewelers & Gemologists,  Smyrna, DE

"Schurhammer is always a must-stop on our Antwerp buying trips! If we’re looking for high quality larger diamond, they are the place to look. Their diamonds are always of the quality that is stated; grading is very accurate. They operate with a high level of professionalism, so there’s no playing games on grading or pricing. And Steve will do whatever it takes to support us in making our client happy."

Jill & Brian Rouse
Bay Area Diamonds,  Green Bay, WI

"Schurhammers has been a wonderful addition to the group of diamond dealers we visit with IJO in Antwerp. They consistently provide excellent diamonds that meet the criteria we send them in advance.  We appreciate the effort they make to have the diamonds sorted and ready for us to view immediately upon our arrival.  It is always a pleasure to work with their highly professional staff.  Thank you Schurhammers, for making diamond buying in Antwerp such a pleasure. "

Al Torrington
Knowles Jewelry of Minot,  Minot, ND