SMI has been working with diamonds for four generations, and have seen a lot of change in the diamond game over time. We pride ourselves on being a different kind of diamond company. We still believe the most important facet of our business is you, our customer, and strive each and every day to exceed your expectations in every way possible. We are a 100 year old company, and in that, we do things a little differently than most other companies. 

When you give us a call our award winning sales staff answers the phone, not a machine. We have the diamonds you are calling about on our desks, and are more than happy to pull them out of the paper and give you an opinion on them. We realize that we could easily automate a lot of what we do around here, our phone system is a good example, but we don't, and here are a few reasons why;


We like you.

We like talking to you.

We like getting to know you.

We like getting to know your store. 


Pick up the phone, give us a call, and find out what we can do for your business, or diamond promotion, or just to talk a little football. We'd love an opportunity to show you how different a diamond company we really are.